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Coronavirus update 8/6/2020


Gatehouse GC is open for business following confirmation from the Scottish Government that this will be allowed. 

                                                                                                        Welcome back!

Please see the Home page for the latest updates. 

Gatehouse GC would like to express their gratitude to all those people working to keep us safe at this time, especially those in the frontline of the NHS. We would also like to thank everybody working behind the scenes to support those in the spotlight, Gatehouse Community Council, those working in the local shops to keep us supplied with food and also the postal staff and council workers who are keeping us in touch and maintaining our community in as normal a fashion as possible.

                                                                    To all of you and any I may have missed, a heartfelt Thank You! 

                                                                          Your actions are greatly appreciated by us all.

Any questions about the Club's response to the Coronavirus outbreak, please contact Pete Haslam on 07738865158 or through 

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