Annual Competitions

2018/19 Winter Pairs

2017/18 Winners W McCulloch & D McNicol

Rules. Matches will be over 18 holes of 4BBB matchplay for 1 point. A game all square after 18 holes is a tied match and each team scores 1/2 point. Handicap will be 90% of the difference from the lowest handicapped player, who then plays off scratch.

Please note that the Stroke Index will change on the new scorecards for 2019. The old cards will be used for the competition to ensure fairness to all.

Each pair plays all other pairs once. The winner is the team with the most points when all games have been played, or the closing date for matches is past. Closing date is Saturday 30th March 2019. No exceptions will be made unless the course is closed for an extended period.


The teams entered for the Winter Pairs are:

W McCulloch & D McNicol

M Durham & P Haslam

G Robb & S Thompson

R Gidney & N Morris

A McCreath & GW Taylor

C McMillan & W McMillan

Teams will arrange their own dates to play matches and the winning team is responsible for updating the sheet in the clubhouse

Match updates:

Only one match remains to be played (arranged for Saturday 30th March) and three pairs have a chance to lift the trophy.

Many thanks to everybody for getting the matches completed in the agreed timescale.