Club Fixture Draws

Russell Cup.36 hole Strokeplay

Round 2 23rd June (Final qualifying round for the Club Championships)

2018 Winner : B McLean

Presentation - Masonic Arms, Sunday 23rd June @ 13:30.  Club Championships draws will be announced at the presentation.

Players wishing to play both rounds of the competition must register to do so, and pay £4 entry, prior to commencement of round 1.

Handicaps from week 1 will remain applicable for week 2 regardless of the date of play.

Any changes must be requested by contacting Pete Haslam on 07738865158

In the event of any dispute, this published draw is correct.

Round 2 Draw (*Playing week 2 only)
G RobbS Telfer
W McCulloch*
07:45S ThompsonS VeitchR Telfer
08:00I PickthallM Durham
08:15G Poland*E BryanG McMillan
08:30GW TaylorS PickthallW McMillan
08:45C Coid*GR TaylorD McKie
09:00P HaslamA McCreathR Fortnum
09:15G NeillG McClymont*B McLean

Current Championship qualification standings (Players not listed either cannot register 2 scores on the current draw, or are not entering the Championship)

Players marked * are only eligible for the Championship:

I Black*
M Durham*68, 74142
G McMillan*73, 73146
S Thompson*76, 77153
S Veitch*76, 79155
D McKie77, 80157
GR Taylor79, 84163
G Robb83, 84167
R Telfer78, 90168
GW Taylor84, 85169
B McLean84, 86170
A McCreath85, 96181
P Haslam89, 93182
D McNicol91, 92183
S Pickthall77
I Pickthall79
R Fortnum83
G McClymont87
G Neill92
G Poland93
W McMillan97
W McCulloch101
S Telfer103
C Coid111