Club Update 05/06/2023

Website update coming soon!

We are moving our website to the Master Scorecard system in the next few weeks, but the website address and email should remain the same. 

Any issues with the website, please contact Pete Haslam 077388 65158 or pete.haslam@dxc.com

                            It is a club requirement that all golf is booked, prior to play (either as an entrant to a club competition/coaching session or as a general player as a member or visitor), and the names of all players in the group must be recorded. 

All members and visitors must conform to these rules and anybody flouting them may be asked to leave the course. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse. They apply to you, me, and every other user of the course.

For Visitor bookings (online payment will be necessary) please use the link here. Members' bookings can be done through the "My Golf" section of the Master Scoreboard site or through the link here. Any issues using the links, please contact Jack Donald/Pete Haslam, or email: info@gatehousegolfclub.com .

In competition, players will swap cards for a competition, as we, then the number of strokes taken at each hole are to recorded and both player and marker must sign the card after the round is complete. In both cases, the player is responsible for recording the correct number of strokes taken at each hole and ensuring that the card is signed appropriately before submission for recording. 

Scores may be recorded on the app but the card must be physically completed and submitted to complete the competition. If there is a discrepancy between the score on the app and on the card, then the score on the card is the single source of truth.

Current playing conditions :

White Tees : Please remember that play is only permitted from the White Tees in official Gents' club competitions, excluding Thursday Sweeps (yellows/reds). This is to preserve the small teeing areas available to us for the benefit of all.

Bunker play  Players must play the ball as it lies or take penalty relief for an unplayable lie in a bunker under Rule 19.3. Players should rake the bunker after a shot to remove the mark made by the shot and any footprints made when approaching the ball or leaving the hazard. 

Flagsticks may be removed from the hole when putting, or left in, as determined by the player making a stroke, If the flagstick is left in, then a ball coming to rest against the flagstick, with any part of the ball below the level of the green, is deemed to have been holed. 

Players are reminded that slow play is to be avoided at all times

The proper pace of play is just behind the group in front and not just ahead of the group behind. If you are holding players up then please invite them to play through. It is not for the group behind to ask. 

Players are asked to park considerately in the car park to allow the maximum number of vehicles to be parked safely and remember that the tennis court users are also entitled to use the car park.

The marker flag adjacent to the first green should be used as a courtesy to players behind and as a safety measure for players on the green. Please raise the flag on arrival and lower it when leaving the green to indicate that following players may hit their tee shot.

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Click here for a bird's eye view of the course.

The nine holes of the course present a great test of golfing skill all year round. Winter greens are not used as the course drains very well. 

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